Security Bags

Security Bags

It is about envelopes-bags of various dimensions with a safety lock. Following the closure, they can only be opened with a visible destruction of the envelope. Used daily for document and object transportations leaving obvious tampering signs at the opening attempt. Used by Courier companies, banks, Logistic companies, CIT companies, chemical laboratories, commercial companies, multinational companies to transfer confidential documents across countries, industries and generally anyone who wants to ensure that the content of the envelope has not been tampered, altered or viewed, to the final recipient. They are made of polyethylene and bear a sealing with simple glue or VOID glue. The VOID glue has the ability to leave tampering signs (alteration of the material) even if someone tries to break the bag with chemicals or heat or even with cooling. Available in a transparent and an opaque material, depending on the need that we wish to serve. It is about bags-folders that provide the maximum safety that exists to this day, to transport documents and goods.

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