Security seals

Security seals

Every day we need to use our seal to ensure the quality and quantity in everything we offer, or wish to protect. This role is undertaken by the GO SAFE “Security seals”. The “Security seals” or “Security Tapes”, as they are called, are divided into 4 categories.

| Plastic | Metal | Padlock | Electronic

The padlock, plastic and metal seals are disposable and bear a unique numbering per seal, with colour options, seal length, seal type (cylindrical, flat etc.) and logo printing per customer. The electronic security seals offer the greatest security that exists to this day in the transportation of goods by trucks, ships and containers and are multipurpose.

Safe transport of goods with security seals

The use of security seals is required daily, anything we want to seal, from the loading of goods to the inspection by the person who is authorized to receive the transported product.