Metal safety seals

Metal safety seals – metal safety tapes are the safety seals made of steel or aluminum. The metal safety seals provide higher safety than plastic seals as they have a higher tensile strength and are destroyed during a possible violation attempt. Metal safety seals have a metal sealing lock and they may be entirely made of metal, or may be made from a combination of a metal lock with plastic material externally, to enable printing of company logo. The metal safety seals, depending on the type of safety seal, bear the ISO 17712 certification (High Security Seals Certification), the highest security certification there is for metal seals.

The metal safety seals are divided into two categories:

  • Fix Lock Seals (Fixed sealing length), such as the bolt-type metal seals for containers (Bolt Seal), the metal customs office seals – balloon type and the metal clip-type seals.
  • Pull up Seals or Pull tight Seals (Variable sealing length). The so-called metal wire seals or metal security tapes made of wire, as they are called. These seals have the possibility, as we tighten the seal, to lock upon the desired length. The metal safety seals – metal wire security tapes come in various wire thicknesses, depending on the application we wish to cover, as well as the security levels required by the user. The thicker the wire of the metal safety seals is, the higher security is provided to us, as they bear the ISO 17712 certification.

They also have the possibility to take print of your company logo and unique numbering.

The metal seals – metal safety tapes find a daily application by:

  • Logistics companies – metal or metal truck seals or metal truck security tapes, metal seals for truck doors or metal tapes for truck doors
  • Customs offices – metal seals for containers or metal security tapes for containers – metal customs offices seals or metal balloon type seals
  • Ministries – metal seals for cabinets or metal tapes for cabinets
  • Shipping companies – metal seals for ships or metal tapes for ships
  • CIT companies – CIT metal seals or CIT metal tapes

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